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Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff Ministries is taking the Miracle Working Power of God Around the World

Peter Popoff - the Good News Praying in tongues everyday can open the faucets to spiritual power. By this you let the holy spirit do the talking and he's the one who knows exactly where the problem lies. An Open Door to a life of Abundance! Elizabeth and . Multiplied thousands have turned to christ. Ministries have carried the message of Christ and Super Living to millions here in America and around the World.... let help today! In the new millennium, we can look back at three decades of fruitful ministry. 's purpose has always been to use every means at our disposal to proclaim to the world the Good News that Christ is Savior, Baptizer, Healer, and our soon-coming King. We have often changed our methods to meet the demands of the moment, but 's message has always remained the same. Christ lives and He wants to transform Peter Popoff life. Ministries is now using the latest technology to reach as many people as humanly possible. are part of this world outreach. 's prayer will always be that we will remain forever true to the message, calling and purpose that has ordained for us. God Bless ! Testimonials from Pastor Popoff, I received your miracle healing water and I anointed my son who was stricken with epilepsy. I want to testify that he has been healed! Praise be to Jesus! P. Des Vignes, West Indies , Peter Popoff -I received a small bottle of oil from you. The Lord told you to have me anoint my body wherever pain or sickness attacks me. The flu attacked my body... instantly I took the holy oil, anointed my body, and praise God, within 15 minutes the flu left my body! I praise God for a wonderful Holy Ghost filled Prophet like yourself. B. Westley – Little Rock, AR I wore the bracelet... I did what you told me to do with the number 7 and this week I had a supernatural blessing. I couldn’t pay my car note I’ve had for 26 months and never been late or missed a payment on. I called to ask if I could pay it by the next month and they told me it had to be paid now. I had no money and could not borrow it, but God paid it! They called on the night it was due and said they received it! I was amazed! I didn’t pay it... now I know it just had to be God!F. Lee, MI visit Peter Popoff Ministries website at Peter Popoff



Peter Popoff Ministries

Praise Report from V. Preastly, MS

I’m writing you this note to thank you for your prayers for my sister. My sister can see color now and she can see people. She could not see anything before! Oh, praise God!

Requests Granted for K. Crawford, Tobago

There’s something different about you and the way you deal with those who write to you. You deal with us on such a personal level. You make us feel important, at least, important enough to pray about our personal needs as if they were your very own! That makes me feel appreciated and like my needs are not lost in a clutter and left unattended. Thank you very much, it means a lot.

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